Senior Care - Meditation Helps with Mental, Physical Well-Being

Senior Care - Meditation Helps with Mental, Physical Well-Being
" Meditation is helpful for more than just relaxation and stress reduction. Studies show that it is also good for the brain, especially for seniors. A recent study sponsored by the Alzheimer’s Research and Prevention Foundation found that seniors who do just 12 minutes of Yoga exercises every day can improve memory and thinking skills. The study’s leader also thinks this daily activity may prevent Alzheimer’s disease.
Our Interim HealthCare providers also believe in exercising the mind, especially with seniors and those who have Alzheimer’s. We have a number of services that help seniors to stay mentally active, maintain their independence and lead enriched lives. Our HomeLife EnrichmentSM Program, for example, focuses on enhancing the spirit, mind and body, as well as the family. This theme is seen in our senior home care services, where we focus on activities like board games, cards and fun activities to keep seniors mentally sharp. For seniors that are physically able, we also encourage them to engage in exercise. With regular mental and physical exercise, memory improves, as does physical health.
Other recent medical studies conducted have shown that meditation benefits the body and mind in a number of ways, as well. For example, meditation increases gray matter. The increase of gray matter can reshape the brain and help to control motor skills. This makes it easier for seniors to move about and be physically active. People who meditate are also less prone to pain. While we can offer meditation through our HomeLife EnrichmentSM Program, there are many other ways we can increase the mental, spiritual and physical well-being of our seniors.
If your loved one needs help at home that wants to maintain their independence and could benefit from just a little home care assistance, contact our Interim HealthCare of Allentown. We can help you discover the right program to help your senior family member receive the help and supervision they need to stay safe, healthy and happy. If they do need in home medical care, we can help with that, too.

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